Communications and print

Looking for print resources? Click and explore the categories below, browse through the options and then click on the quote button for us to contact you. 


We produce a wide range of captivating character- led videos that you’ll want to add to your educational toolbox.


Brochures provide a neat way to deliver your message to people- to both educate, and for future reference.We’ve got your desire for attention grabbing brochures that really resonate - covered.

Our unique and beautifully produced educational content is designed for online consumption.

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Help everyone to know ‘what bin goes out when’ with our beautiful customised calendars.

Kits, ideas, campaigns, activities, event ideas, launch ideas and how to roll them all out, are wrapped up in our resources.

Spread the word with our fantastic print advertising, sit back, and watch everyone ‘read all about it’!

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 dirtgirl leaves plenty of room in her articles for quoyes from you and the community plus local customised information. These must read articles are fresh and seriously fun.

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A 'look book' for councils to make sure that the message is always consistent and on song!

Beautiful, high - impact banners allow you to instantly create your own space and vibe. Just put them up, and people will read them.

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Spread the good word with artwork that resonates with you’re audience.You’re choice of snail or electronic delivery.

When  a few words are just not enough to tell the full story, blogs step in. Go deeper, share our images, connections and videos to make more of the story.

Get big impact fast with our customisable radio productions. There’s nothing better than having trusted and loved voices deliver your message. Get the power of radio working for you!

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If taking things to the next level is your thing, then TV ads are our thing!Go all out and make a big –time connection.

Target your messages directly to your community with these highly visual , specifically designed for Facebook, ads. Stand out in the crowd.

Post these great video ads to youtube, target your community and stand shoulder to shoulder with the big influencers of the generation.

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Fish where the fish are swimming, with this specifically designed for social media content ...memes, banners. covers, Instagram posts and twitter post plus a few boomerangs thrown in for good measure.

Don't just rely on good luck, sign up to our social media training module and get your social campaign on target.

Listening is back in vogue. Let's talk rubbish with dirtgirl and scrapboy as they go deeper into the issues and spread the love across the digital airwaves.

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Harnessing the power of the community and tapping into the leaders and existing organisations to share the message, makes perfect sense. This program shows you how one plus one can equal three.

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Dress your website for success with this co branded web asset...banners, buttons, headers and footers, call outs, announcements and sidebars will never be the same again.

Skin you bin app with our art to make bin night unforgettable

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Give-aways for your next event deserve an eco makeover. A digital showboat to download , jammed packed with goodies, leaves hands free for enjoying , the planet applauding for low impact thinking and an expansion of your data base..

Stick ‘em up, or give ‘em away, educate with our beautiful posters - that actually get read. Imagine having posters that people want to keep?

Spread the word with our fantastic print advertising. Sit back and watch everyone ‘read all about it’!

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Brand your compostable bag with our art and never miss a chance to reinforce that plastic doesn't belong in the compost!

Visitors to your area need to know how to live like a local. This kit will get them in the know and ready to care for your country while they are there.

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Customise your compost give away or sales with our beautiful compost bag. Another opportunity to spread the message and the love!


Just when you thought it couldn't get ny better, you hear the music! Award winning music and music videos, themed round sustainability but led by toe tapping , singalong hits for the whole family. Music on the radio, at your events and on your website...what a difference a song makes.