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Get the green bin right with this award winning subscription and social media project. Webisodes and activities for the whole community to introduce a new organics system or refresh and raise your green bin and home composting success.

get grubby program 2.jpg

This program is a world class sustainability curriculum for Australia’s early learners. Designed to get our young community up and into worm farming and composting, water and energy use, reducing reusing and recycling, growing a food garden and getting out and about in nature.

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If you are out to create a real buzz at your next event, ensure success by featuring live or costumed characters. We offer an array of options from workshops and meet and greets to big stage musical performances.

dirtgirl live 2.jpg

Imagine dirtgirl headlining your next function or event. From solo shows to her  full blown all girl band, let the real dirtgirl make it something to remember.

animated character 2.jpg

All around Australia kids love dirtgirl. Delight and entertain your crowd with our fantastic costumed character shows. Ideal for shopping centres and public events.

meet and greet 2.jpg

Why not get dirtgirl and her friends along to hangout with everyone at your next event? There’s nothing like getting up close and personal for a chat or a selfie with your hero to leave a lasting impression.

workshops 2.jpg

There’s no better way to learn stuff than rolling up your sleeves and getting involved. From a worm farm to resource management education, our character run workshops are a sure fire way to have fun whilst learning.

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Lets work together and see what can be achieved by the power of two.

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Helping people to reduce contamination when sorting their waste is about clear, attractive communication and feeling good while they do it.

smaller signs 2 2.jpg

We have a range of small signs for anywhere you need them in your business

caddy stickers .jpg

Brighten up your compost caddy so that everyone knows what can go in it.

vending machine 2.jpg

We have vending machines that dispense compostable kitchen caddy liners. Perfect and easy for your customers.

compostable liners 2.jpg

Compostable liners help people who are a bit scared of compost, bet right into it.

facebook ads 2.jpg

Target your messages directly to your community with these highly visual , specifically designed for Facebook, ads. Stand out in the crowd.

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A fresh look and familiar faces helps people both connect better with what they are doing and do better.

Up-style your existing boring signage and start getting it noticed again. Any existing sign can be dressed up and given new life with our retro fit sticker kits.