Rubbish - Handle with care

We’ve got you sorted with our community focussed, home delivered, waste education program.

With an emphasis on caring, this positive hearted program, revisions the community’s relationship with waste, working with Councils and Industry to dramatically increase recovery rates and decrease landfill.


Organics - Handle with Care

We’ve got you sorted with our community focussed, home delivered, waste education program.

With an emphasis on caring, this positive hearted program, re-visions the community’s relationship with organic waste.

Keeping food waste out of landfill and back into the nutrient cycle is a must. The love of food , the health of our planet , the care for our country and addressing pollution and climate change are all up front in this joyously contagious look at the icky and grouse stuff that is pure gold for our future. This is the economy of soil.


Recycling - Handle with care

Now more than ever it's time to get the recycle bin right. A recycling refresh where caring leads the conversation ( and gets results) is just what your community needs. Renew and rejuvenate the recycle bin with our comprehensively joyous approach to getting the contamination rates of your recycling down and diverting more recycling away from landfill. In difficult times a genuine voice you can trust... (ours), is a good way to reassure the community to keep recycling, while government and industry sort out the challenges.


The get grubby program

is a world class sustainability curriculum for Australia’s early learners.

Inspired by Get Grubby TV, dirtgirl, scrapboy and Costa the Garden Gnome star in this self-serve online program.

Designed to get our young community up and into worm farming and composting, water and energy use, reducing reusing and recycling, growing a food garden and getting out and about in nature.

The program is a set of guided learning experiences to educate and inspire young children to care for nature. Each unit features hours of practical activities and reward-based content, including educational dirtgirlworld interactive games, video treats and achievement certificates. It is designed to reinforce positive sustainability learning experiences for young children and helps spread the message into their family environment and the wider community.

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Compost ROcks!

Get the green bin right with this award winning subscription and social media project.

Webisodes and activities for the whole community to

introduce a new organics system or refresh and raise your green bin and home composting success.

Costa's COmpost Academy

When it comes to compost who better to trust than Costa the Garden Gnome.

Sign up your community for this compost intensive and be in the running for a Compost Academy Award.

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Dirtgirl's 21 Day Plastic Bag Detox 

We could all use some help adjusting to life without single use plastic.

Sign up your community to take dirtgirl’s 21 day challenge to give plastic bags the boot.

Digitally delivered, this innovative initiative will ease the transition from pollution to solution.